Fried Tempe & Tofu with Spicy Sweet Black Soy Sauce


Few days ago, I made these gorgeous snacks which are one of the Indonesian traditional snacks. All my folks love it and asked for the secret ingredient :). Here, i will share the recipe, It’s a simple food that can blow your mind away :)…enjoy :D 

Shopping List:


-tofu (half fried/cooked)

-2 big red onion

-10 cloves garlic

-1 tablespoon coriander

-1 tablespoon white pepper

-2 teaspoon salt

-1 bottle canola oil

How to make:
Marinade sauce
1) cut thin slices of red onion & garlic
2) boiled water
3) mix the onion & garlic with hot boiled water, add coriander, pepper & salt.

cut thin slices of tempe & tofu
marinate the tempe & tofu into the sauce, put in the fridge minimum over night until a week

Fried them in hot oil until the color change into gold brown :)

Last but not least, here is the delicious spicy sweet black soy sauce recipe ;p

Pantai sweet soy sauce
One big red onion
3-4 small red chilies
1 tablespoon of lime juice

Cut thin & small the onion & chilies, mix it with sweet soy sauce & lime juice

-enjoy the snacks :)-

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